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Latest HASP-driver for workstation (XP-Win10 32&64): [18 MB]

3D-Win 6.3 material

List of changes in 6.3: 3D-Win_version_changes_63

List of changes in 6.2: 3D-Win_Version_changes_62

List of changes in 6.1: 3D-Win_Version_changes_61

List of changes in 6.0: 3D-Win_version_changes_60

Manuals in PDF-format:



3D-View 6.3

3D-View is a program for viewing and printing 3D-Win files. 3D-View can read only 3D-binary format and can not be used for editing and saving files. 3D-View is freely distributable with data files.

Download 32-bit version: 3D-View32-632.msi 3.5 MB]

Download 64-bit version: 3D-View64-632.msi [3.8 MB]