Download: 3d-road_brochure.pdf [254 KB]

3D-Road is an easy-to-use program for planning roads, excavations and routes. 3D-Road runs within the 3D-Win survey program and together with the 3D-DTM -module.

The planning source data can be survey data, raster maps or aerial photographs.

3D-Road facilitates the graphical planning of a road's horizontal and vertical alignments and the reading and writing of HAL/VAL files in several different formats. Road lines can be moved and copied, and used in various geodetic calculations. Throughout the planning procedure the program checks the validity of the design.

For vertical geometries, a standard profile output is given on vertical alignments, including elevations, curve radii and slopes.

Structural planning

Structural planning parameters include the parameters needed for planning carriageways, structural layers, ditches and slopes. Structural cross-sections are automatically merged with the terrain's cross-sections and the result directly gives the volumes of various layers as a coloured illustration and an output file.

From cross-sections you can calculate a road's edge markings, ditches and slopes and get them ready-coded as break lines. The calculated points can be used as a stake-out file or even as a square grid source file for a perspective view of the new road.