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3D-Conv is a format conversion program that runs either integrated with the 3D-Win survey program or as a separate program.

Using the program you can carry out conversions of observation, vector and raster data or retrieve the information directly into 3D-Win.

The separate conversion program has graphics features making it possible to check the conversions visually. The program can read several separate source files that can be combined before storing the data in the desired format.

The separate formats have been made using Windows DLL technology, which makes their development fast and flexible.

The format conversions can be set to include several functions that make operation easier, such as changing coding and even expanding it when necessary. During the conversion you can also execute coordinate conversions between different coordinate systems.

In addition, many converters have special settings, for example, for processing attributes and managing the various dialects of formats. Most converters cover the writing as well as reading of a format.

The following vector and observation formats are available (2/99). The converters are divided into four different modules.

3D-Conv holds efficiently determins ASCII row formats (tabulated or fixed length format).